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CO2 Cylinder Filling System

Whereas CO2 is accessible in a refrigerant storage tank, we recommend CO2 Cylinder Filling System including all the appropriate devices to carry through the CO2 filling of cylinders and extinguishers. If there is a requirement of transferring cylinder-to-cylinder, our system is highly applicative as it comes with many filling machines and pumps for gasifying water and other beverages. The system enables the charging of CO2 cylinders, precisely in the own plant using, liquid carbon-dioxide from the storage component. Our offered Cylinder Filling System comes with simple operation, which can be safely operated. The pressure gauges included show the delivery pressure for filling cylinder relief valves as well as safety discs.

Key Points :

  • Allows finer utilization of workforce, protection against under- and overfill of containers.
  • Flexible charging hoses are provided with swivels.
  • Connections are given for connecting the unit to the cylinders to be occupied.
  • Pressure regulators for regulating the filling of pressure, permit uninterrupted operation.

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