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Co2 Dryers

Co2 Dryers
Co2 Dryers
Product Code : 02
Product Description

CO2 Dryers

CO2 Dryers are used extensively in industries like food & beverage for the removal of moisture and impurities in CO2 gas. The dryer is controlled with PLC (programmable logic controller). The equipment is specifically intended for reducing or eliminating point-of-use impurities in gases such as hydrogen, helium, methane, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. This ensures a continuous supply of clean and dry gas. These dryers are developed such that a small quantity of dry CO2 purge is generated with the regeneration of desiccant at higher temperature.

Features :

  • Fully automatic unit
  • No risk of pressure and flow surge and desiccant dusting
  • Long desiccant life
  • Internal heaters provided maximum heat transfer efficiency
  • Lower power requirements
  • Maximum moisture removal with minimum gas purge loss

Specifications :

  • Capacity : 10 nm3/hr to 100 nm3/hr
  • Service : Air, CO2, Nitrogen etc

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