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Co2 Production Plant

A contemporary approach to carbon dioxide purchase proposes that users should not be dependent on gas manufacturer but has to set up their own CO2-production installation so as to get relevant economic profits and strategic benefits (absolute carbon dioxide accessibility without any supplying difficulty). We are dealing in Co2 Production Plant, which is user-friendly and comes with minimal impurities. Can be used without logistic problems, it is incorporated with full automatic management. The Co2 Production Plant is based on the combustion of liquid oil or desulphurized fuel gas. The controlled oxidation of fuel gas in the generator-reboiler makes a flue gas that is rich in CO2.

Key Points :

  • Advanced yield, reduced utility consumption, controlled, flexible design and ultra-efficient operation.
  • Flue gas is delivered to the absorbing structure where CO2 is assimilated in a MEA solution.
  • The rich solution that is rich in CO2 is pumped-up to the stripper where the heated solvent makes the discharge of carbon-dioxide.
  • Employed with latest technology for refined high performance.

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