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Co2 Recovery Plant

Besides a cost-efficient cooling management, our modern Co2 Recovery Plants are the essential components to insure optimum product quality. On the far side, this technology provides a significant prospective for cost savings and lends to an ecologically accountable production. The plant holds CO2 gas from the fermentation process that passes via a series of refinement processes. Concurrently, CO2 with an advanced degree of purity is necessary for the production procedure in a modern-day brewery. With our Co2 Recovery Plants, we proffer systems that meet all demands of efficient carbon dioxide management such as supreme purity, lowest O2 content and maximum output.

Key Points :

  • Great performance for the brewery as well as other industries due to their reduced investment and operating expenditures.
  • Can be complied even with the hard-and-fast demands of the brewing industry.
  • Employed with modish technology and tools, for optimal performance.
  • With its stripping technology, even the gas from primal fermentation states can be recovered.

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