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Dry Ice Machines

Our range of Dry Ice Machines includes Pelletizers, blocks etc, which are the fastest modes for making dry ice for the laboratories. The dry ice is thus accessible ‘on-tap’, and always handy whenever it is necessary in the laboratory. Such contiguous access can provide appreciable cost savings in the laboratory. These machines are safe and simple to use and need no electrical power. Offered range of Dry Ice Machines is the comprehensive solutions available in the present. Designed specifically for dry frosting, these machines leave no waste behind and the machines works likewise to the 'dry ice' effect.

Key Points :

  • The made ice is collected in an enclosure where it is compressed into several sized pellets or blocks to meet customers demands.
  • Robust strength, corrosion resistance. superior pressure bearing capacity.
  • The yielded products can be used for chest coolers, speedy freezing food products, science projects etc.
  • Can produce adequate amount of solid blocks.

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