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Ethylene Oxide Filling Station

Ethylene Oxide Filling Station
Ethylene Oxide Filling Station
Product Code : 05
Product Description

Ethylene Oxide Filling Station is used extensively for rapid filling of cylinders with gas. Today, several specialty gases are filled in cylinders and then sold. Each and every cylinder is carefully examined for any possible failure prior to filling. Our filling station is wisely integrated with scrubbers that creates vacuum in the cylinder so as to avoid any amount of dangerous gas in the cylinder after filling and closing.

Features :

  • Multi - purpose scrubbers
    • Cylinders are attached to these scrubbers, and the gas residues are removed
    • Later, the gas residues are transformed chemically into harmless products, with a higher boiling point
    • In some cases, these products can be used to solve the purpose of secondary raw materials
  • Vacuum
    • A vacuum is immediately generated in the cylinders by the scrubber
    • This eliminates the need for a vacuum pump
    • The flexibles installed in the filling station are also emptied and vacuumed
    • This prevents the escape of dangerous gases to the environment
  • Security
    • 4 distinct security mechanisms are active to avoid the suction of reactive scrubber solution into the vacuumed cylinder or flexible
    • Due to this, scrubbers can easily handle pump failure, power interruptions or other unexpected incidents without any safety risks

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