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Industrial Refrigeration Unit

Industrial Refrigeration Unit we offer efficiently works to cater exceptional demands, which you can believe on for critical procedures. Our innovative gas compression technology efficiently keep food and beverage process chilled and safe and work smoothly. Applicative for process cooling, cold storage, individual quick freezing, water chilling or IQF systems it has the ability to interface with flash freezing systems such as nitrogen immersion systems and cryogenic freezing. Industrial Refrigeration Unit we offer comes with reduced field installation costs and time. The modular construction of the unit permits for future resettlement of equipment as well as an advanced level of quality control over structure, finishing and testing.

Key Points :

  • Can be incorporated with all standard ice plants, industrial ice making systems, forced air coolers and portable ice plants.
  • Has TR capacity using ammonia or halo-carbon.
  • All-inclusively come with chillers, condensers, impellers, exchangers etc.
  • Utilize first-rate technology as well as advanced refrigeration methods to offer progressive solutions to the specific pre-cooling and freezing necessities.

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