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Vaporizers & Evaporators

Vaporizers & Evaporators
Vaporizers & Evaporators
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Product Description

Vaporizers & Evaporators are one of the widely used equipments for carbon dioxide plants. We offer two types of vaporizers, ambient CO2 vaporizer and water heated CO2 vaporizer to clients.

Water Heated CO2 Vaporizer - This is a shell and tube heat exchanger. In this vaporizer, circulating water discharge its heat that is used to vaporize liquid carbon dioxide. This reduces the plant refrigeration load as any water that needs to be cool down can be used. The supply of liquid CO2 will automatically shut off as soon as any interruption in water flow or drop in the CO2 gas temperature or pressure will be recorded.

Ambient CO2 Vaporizer - This is an evaporating coil type heat exchanger. In this vaporizer, ambient air is blown across the dual set of evaporating coils at a minimum temperature of 50oF (10oC). This air generates the heat used to vaporize the liquid CO2. There are installed dual coils that are used to defrost the ice formed due to humidity in the air. This ensures no risk of reduction in heat transfer and CO2 vaporizing capacity.

Features :

  • Reduction of the plant refrigeration load
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Warning alarms for safety
  • Automatic shut-off the CO2 supply
  • High CO2 vaporizing capacity

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